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Are you new to the world of photography and want to get more out of your camera & digital darkroom? Perhaps you want to take better family & vacation photos while ensuring they look their best when posted online or printed at a lab. I've had years of collegiate classwork and over a decade of experience that you can draw upon to learn both the basics and those advanced concepts that are most important to achieve YOUR goals!

Douglasville Photography Class

In addition to private instruction (see below), I teach a Focus on Photography class at the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center. It's a six-week session and covers all the basics of using a film or digital SLR camera. You can find course listing, schedule and registration information on the Arts Council website.


One-on-One Photography Workshops

While designed to suit your individual needs, you can share a workshop with a friend or two and split the cost among you if you prefer. Contact me for additional information or to schedule your personal lesson today!



Workshop 1: Taking Great Pictures - $150

This 4-hour workshop covers the following topics:

  • Photography terminology
    (What the heck is an f-stop, anyway?)
  • SLR camera controls & menus
    (What do all these buttons do? Which one should I use?)
  • Creating a proper exposure (f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO)
    (Why am I getting dark/bright/grainy/blurry photos?)
  • White balance
    (Why do my indoor photos look funny colors like orange or green?)
  • Depth of field, stopping motion, film grain
    (How do I blur the background for a portrait? What settings do I use for sporting events?)
  • Improving composition
    (How can I make my snapshots look more like professional photographs?)

Note: This workshop is designed for film or digital SLR camera owners only, and you should bring your camera and user manual with you.

Workshop 2: Digital Workflow & Editing - $150

This 4-hour workshop covers the following topics:

  • RAW vs. JPG
    (Which file size setting should I use?)
  • Basic digital workflow
    (I've taken a bunch of photos with my digital camera. Now what?)
  • Basic photo editing
    (How do I crop my image? Convert to B&W? Retouch?)
  • Preparing files for the web
    (How do I make my files the right size for emailing or posting on Facebook?)
  • Preparing files for print
    (Do I have to do anything special if I want to make photo prints of my files?)
  • Storage & backup options
    (What happens if my computer crashes?)

Note: This workshop is for digital photographers only, but it does not matter if you shoot with a digital SLR or a point-and-shoot camera.