Group Photography Classes

In addition to private instruction (see below), I often teach "Focus on Photography" for the Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County. It's a six-week session and covers all the basics of using a film or digital SLR camera.  I also occasionally offer small, half-day workshops on a variety of other topics. You can find course listings, schedule and registration information on the Arts Council website.

One-on-One Photography Workshops

While designed to suit your individual needs, you can share a workshop with a friend or two and split the cost among you if you prefer. Contact me for additional information or to schedule your personal lesson today.

Workshop 1: Taking Great Pictures - $150

This 4-hour workshop covers the following topics:

  • Photography terminology
    (What the heck is an f-stop, anyway?)
  • SLR camera controls & menus
    (What do all these buttons do? Which one should I use?)
  • Creating a proper exposure (f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO)
    (Why am I getting dark/bright/grainy/blurry photos?)
  • White balance
    (Why do my indoor photos look funny colors like orange or green?)
  • Depth of field, stopping motion, film grain
    (How do I blur the background for a portrait? What settings do I use for sporting events?)
  • Improving composition
    (How can I make my snapshots look more like professional photographs?)

Note: This workshop is designed for film or digital SLR camera owners only, and you should bring your camera and user manual with you.

Workshop 2: Digital Workflow & Editing - $150

This 4-hour workshop covers the following topics:

  • RAW vs. JPG
    (Which file size setting should I use?)
  • Basic digital workflow
    (I've taken a bunch of photos with my digital camera. Now what?)
  • Basic photo editing
    (How do I crop my image? Convert to B&W? Retouch?)
  • Preparing files for the web
    (How do I make my files the right size for emailing or posting on Facebook?)
  • Preparing files for print
    (Do I have to do anything special if I want to make photo prints of my files?)
  • Storage & backup options
    (What happens if my computer crashes?)

Note: This workshop is for digital photographers only, but it does not matter if you shoot with a digital SLR or a point-and-shoot camera. A laptop with Photoshop and/or Lightroom is highly recommended.