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Georgia & Alabama Real Estate Photography

Georgia & Alabama

Property Photography

Luxury Residential & Commercial Properties
Part 107 Licensed Drone Services

Serving LaGrange, Columbus, Auburn & surrounding areas

My property photos are designed for clients looking for the highest-quality images. By hand-blending the available natural light with a touch of off-camera flash, the resulting images look realistic and natural with excellent color accuracy and enhanced window details. 

I am an FAA Part 107 commercially-licensed & insured drone pilot. Aerial images are unmatched in showcasing your property’s outdoor features and location, and they may be added to your standard property shoot or booked separately.

Time on site typically ranges from 1-3 hours but may be longer for large properties and estates. Images are delivered within 24-36 hours.
Please read the full Terms & Conditions before scheduling your shoot.


MLS Listing Photos
  • Award-winning Photography Starting from $195
  • Request an Estimate for Larger Homes & Estates
  • Drone Stills Add-on to MLS Listing Shoot – $75


Rentals | Commercial
  • Are you a Builder, Interior Designer, Stager, Vacation Rental owner or Commercial Property manager? Because of the uniqueness of each property & your specific needs, please contact me to discuss your project. I'll be happy to provide a written estimate for you.

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Residential/ Commercial / Design / Holiday Rentals
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