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Do You Really Need a Second Photographer?

Many photographers employ the skills of a second photographer, primarily for weddings or other large events. Paying for an additional photographer usually means your costs are higher so is it really worth it?
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RAW vs JPG file example

RAW vs JPEG: Does It Matter Which One My Photographer Uses?

RAW vs JPEG: Does It Matter Which One My Photographer Uses? Whether you are looking to hire a photographer or you’re a beginning photographer yourself, hopefully this article will give you a little more information about RAW vs. JPEG photo file formats. Rather than hit you with a ton of
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Typical Photo Turnaround Times: How Long is Too Long?

We’ve all heard the horror story before: “My photographer STILL hasn’t sent my photos, and it’s been 6 months! Is this normal?” The answer to this one is pretty clearly “No!” but how long is too long? Let’s chat about some typical photography turnaround times so you know what to…
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Wedding Photography Editing Styles and Trends

Today, there are a few wedding photography editing styles that you’ll probably see alongside the more classic, film style. I’ve included a few of the more popular examples as well as some descriptions so that you can determine which look is right for you.
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